New Website: ‘The Common Man’

Dear friends, In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not updating this website anymore. I can’t deal with WordPress anymore. So, I decided to jump on the Substack bandwagon. If you haven’t done so, please consider signing up for my newsletter, “The Common Man”. It’s free! Every Friday, a brand-new essay will be delivered to yourContinue reading “New Website: ‘The Common Man’”


The Meaning of Anti-Whiteness

Conservatives have only ever had one good argument against race-based affirmative action, reparations, and other programs that promote racial equity.  They’ve point out that black Africans also participated in the slave trade.   In fact, long before English settlers arrived in Virginia, blacks were enslaving whites, blacks were enslaving blacks, and whites were enslaving eachContinue reading “The Meaning of Anti-Whiteness”