Rod Dreher on ‘The Reactionary Mind’

[Over at my Substack, I posted some advanced praise for The Reactionary Mind. Here it is, in case you missed it.] Rod Dreher, author of Live Not By Lies: The word “reactionary” suffers from bad press, but as Michael Warren Davis writes, “a reactionary is born every time a Westerner recognizes how entrenched the dogma ofContinue reading “Rod Dreher on ‘The Reactionary Mind’”

The Reactionary Cure for COVID

Joel Salatin, self-declared lunatic farmer, is one of my living heroes. He and Bill Kauffmann changed the way I think about freedom in the modern world. They’re libertarians, but not porn-and-pot libertarians.  They don’t confuse liberty with license.  They’re not looking for the State’s permission to be wicked.  They strive to be good men, andContinue reading “The Reactionary Cure for COVID”